Most changes to and/or application of zoning laws fly under the radar, but occasionally, they can cause significant disputes.

Our Zoning team and works to prevent zoning matters from becoming a dispute, and helps you win when they do.

We represent cities, villages, townships, planning and zoning boards, and citizens in updating and amending zoning codes and in applying for and/or contesting conditional use permits and variances.  We believe that an early and objective evaluation of a zoning matter is essential to develop a cost-effective strategy and a successful outcome.

Here are examples of how our exacting approach and determination have helped our clients:

Effecting a zoning change and contesting a conditional use permit before the Streetsboro City Council and Zoning and Planning Commission.

Presented argument before the Supreme Court of Ohio to defend municipality in the appeal of the city’s denial of a conditional use permit for the expansion of a sand and gravel mine.