Trucking & Transportation

Personal injury due to highway accidents can be nothing short of damaging to a company. At Sutter O’Connell, we provide legal representation to trucking and transportation clients who have been accused of personal injury. Since injuries associated with trucking accidents are often catastrophic, we take the time to do a detailed analysis of all of the facts of the case. While plaintiffs are eager to accuse trucks on the highway as the cause of their accident, there are often other factors that are ultimately responsible for the tragedy.

The focus of Sutter O’Connell attorneys in the trucking and transportation group is on assisting clients in presenting a comprehensive defense that details the safety measures, training programs, vehicle inspections, and government compliance protocols that reduce or eliminate liability on the part of the trucking company. Our attorneys will conduct a comprehensive investigation and prepare an exhaustive and vigorous defense of the claim that will prepare us to take the matter to trial to protect a client’s best interests.