Few cases reach the appellate level, but those that do shape the law.

At Sutter O’Connell, we have the proven ability and skill necessary to handle every facet of an appeal. Working through appeal issues requires a unique set of legal skills, including analyzing the record, framing the pertinent legal issues, developing compelling briefs and presenting oral arguments.

The team of appellate attorneys of Sutter O’Connell has the knowledge and experience to understand the specific requirements for appellate cases. Our persuasive arguments and careful presentation of evidence at trial is part of what makes us unique, as well as the fact that all of our attorneys are independently successful trial attorneys.

Our appellate services include consultations, assisting trial counsel in preparing motions, jury instructions, bench briefs for matters originating within and outside and the firm, and petitions for extraordinary writs while cases are pending in the trial court. Our team of experienced attorneys is also available to monitor trials for our clients in significant, high exposure cases.