Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Defense

Opening your doors to the general public can open your doors to lawsuits and litigation.  Sutter O’Connell’s unique team of trial lawyers defends retail stores, hotels, restaurants and apartment buildings across a wide variety of claims, including employee negligence, slip-and-fall incidents, injuries that occur due to equipment or rolling stock malfunction, and alcohol/dram shop matters.  We also defend labor related claims and allegations of discrimination.

We understand the importance of reputation in the hospitality industry and that every business is unique.  At Sutter O’Connell we also recognize that litigation is a distraction and takes time and resources away from our clients’ day-to-day operations.  We work closely with clients to investigate accidents and resolve issues before they develop into full-blown lawsuits.  When litigation cannot be avoided, Sutter O’Connell’s trial-tested attorneys are there, by our clients’ sides, every step of the way.