Environmental & Toxic Torts

Claims based on alleged toxic exposure can be devastating to any organization.

Many claims related to contaminated groundwater, soil, asbestos, chemical exposure, mold, landfill contamination, defective pharmaceutical drugs, or defective construction products are the result of factors entirely unrelated to toxic exposure or may be the responsibility of a third party. Our environmental and toxic tort team specializes in managing these types of claims.

We have the legal and scientific knowledge to defend our clients against construction-site work issues, environmental exposure, or an adverse reaction to a prescription drug. Our team draws on its deep experience in toxic torts, products liability, and other personal injury matters, to perform a wide-ranging investigation to determine causation and liability.

We work to stem the flow of bad information and employ extensive research, consulting experts, and methodical preparation to expose causal weaknesses in a plaintiff’s claim, providing our clients with an optimal opportunity to defend the claim against them, whether during a settlement or at trial.