Civil Rights & Governmental Liability

Sutter O’Connell attorneys represent counties, cities, villages, townships, park districts, law enforcement personnel and numerous local and regional agencies throughout Ohio. The firm’s Civil Rights and Governmental Liability group is comprised of an experienced team of attorneys and support professionals that has successfully represented government bodies, public officials and agencies, private prisons, and independent contractors in cases involving allegations of civil rights violations under 42 U.S.C. section 1983, taxpayer actions, medical malpractice, police liability, intra-governmental disputes, and general liability claims.

We believe that an early and objective evaluation of a case, or potential case, is essential to develop the most cost effective strategy and to achieve a successful resolution. Our attorneys ensure that our public sector clients achieve their objectives of protecting constitutional rights and the government’s ability to conduct its duties without undue interference while vigorously defending frivolous lawsuits and providing a superior defense of public employees and entities.