Archery, Recreation and Sporting Goods

Sutter O’Connell’s experience defending the manufacturers of archery equipment, sporting goods and recreational products goes beyond fact investigation, discovery, evaluation and trial.

We have specific experience in archery, hunting equipment, exercise equipment and boating. Our attorneys have worked with leading manufacturers of archery equipment, compound bows and arrow shafts to create and develop effective product instructions and warnings. We have worked with nationally recognized archers whose professional competitive efforts constantly redefine the cutting edge of modern archery equipment.

In the hunting industry, manufacturers have looked to Sutter O’Connell’s experience to resolve actions against them. Our track record of success means that the manufacturers of tree stands and related hunting equipment have turned to Sutter O’Connell attorneys to investigate and defend cases nationwide.
Exercise equipment is another area where Sutter O’Connell attorneys have found resolution for our clients. We have also defended the manufacturers of treadmills, trampolines and exercise footwear in cases involving manufacturing defects and alleged inadequate warnings.

Finally, our experience defending the manufacturers of recreational and pleasure boats has included hull and engine design and manufacturing claims, navigational aids and lighting, hull design and structure, crashworthiness claims, and boat accident cases on behalf of numerous industry leaders.