Premises Liability Defense

Many of our clients are sued simply because an injury occurred on their property.  The plaintiffs in these “premises liability” lawsuits are often customers, visitors or guests who are injured when they encounter a condition on the property.   At Sutter O’Connell, we defend residential property owners, government and commercial entities and private businesses of all sizes over a wide-range of premises-related claims— including animal and dog bites, slip-and-fall accidents, negligent maintenance or repair, ice and snow related accidents, inadequate security, swimming pool accidents, construction, industrial or workplace site injuries, toxic exposure, residential and rental property losses, and incidents causing injury at retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

No two premises liability claims are the same.  The key to mounting a successful defense requires meticulous investigation, highly-focused discovery and strong advocacy to expose questionable evidence or poorly-presented claims.  Sutter O’Connell has a proven track record of providing a rigorous defense that is both thorough and cost-effective.