Products Liability

The Products Liability group at Sutter O’Connell is second to none. We represent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the nation as they face products liability claims.

We have extensive experience handling matters on a wide range of products including automobiles and heavy trucks, motorcycles, recreational products, sports equipment, household appliances, airplanes, railroad cars, industrial fluid sealing materials, and personal care products.

No matter whether plaintiffs are alleging a defect in design, manufacture or warnings, we work diligently to explore every avenue of defense. We know the products, which allows us to work with the clients and others to disprove alleged defects. Our process includes a thorough claim investigation and those findings are used to expose plaintiff and third-party fault.   We work with nationally known and trial tested experts, engineers, and technicians toward complete and persuasive courtroom presentations.

Our experienced products liability legal team will consider options at the negotiating table where appropriate including aggressive medical research to disprove alleged injuries and/or relate them to pre-existing conditions, allowing for settlement of a large case for far below demand.

For those matters that proceed to trial, we prepare an effective courtroom defense to achieve optimal results for our clients. This includes dismissal via a directed verdict or through a defense verdict that vindicates the product.

A sampling of our past successes include the following:

Successful summary judgment of a wrongful death claim for an automotive manufacturer.

Defense verdict for client on design defect of a railroad car following extensive trial

Refuted claims of products liability by proving the alleged defective part as asserted by Plaintiff’s expert was not contained within the product at issue, leading to dismissal of action.

Successful representation of a retailer of a private-labeled product in a class action in Ohio, including dismissal of multiple claims via motion.

Successful dismissal of a class action filed against retailer of a private labeled product in a class action in New York.

After thorough analysis and investigation, including extensive medical research, successful nominal settlement of matter alleging brain injury to user of product.