West Virginia Courthouse Sex Scandal

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by sutteroconnell

Judge Jaymie Godwin Wilfong, a Randolph County WV circuit judge has admitted to having sexual relations in chambers, in a local criminal defense lawyer’s garage and in other folks’ homes.  She is also accused of sending sexually explicit emails and text messages to her partner’s  county issued phone and computer. The West Virginia Metro News has reported that the co-conspirator was William Travis Carter, the former director of North Central Community Corrections (NCCC), a gentleman who testified himself or through his staff 46 times in Judge Wilfong’s court. To complicate matters, Judge Wilfong was a board member of the NCCC, a community-based alternative sentencing program.

The disciplinary hearing board reports that judicial staffers often had to interrupt the twosome in her chambers to insist that she perform her official duties. The Special Judiciary Counsel argued that the “illicit sexual relationship is inconsistent” with the higher standard expected of members of the judiciary. The fact that the events were intertwined with attorneys, courthouse staffers and happened in the courthouse made the conduct more reprehensible.

During the recent disciplinary hearing Judge Wilfong’s attorney argued that she was “seduced and taken advantage of” by her paramour. Her attorney conceded that she should be sanctioned but argued for a 60 day suspension. The hearing board recommended a 3 year suspension and a $20,000 fine, plus $8,000 in court costs. The West Virginia Supreme Court will issue its decision in a few months.

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