Upon Further Review, NFL Pot Policy Will Help Browns’ Gordon

Posted on September 14th, 2014 by sutteroconnell

Folks here in Cleveland thank the heavens: Josh Gordon may play some games this season!  League sources are reporting that the NFL and its 32 player reps have come close to implementing new substance abuse policies that would, in part, raise the testing level for marijuana from the current threshold of 15 Ng/Ml to 35 Ng/Ml.   Click here for further information.  . This would inch the NFL’s policies slightly closer to MLB’s 50 Ng/Ml, while remaining far lower than the Olympics’ 150 Ng/Ml. Gordon tested lower than all of these standards, at 16 Ng/Ml.

Gordon claims he was exposed to the marijuana secondhand, which has sparked a debate concerning whether his claims could be true. See here for more detail. .  In short, such a scenario is conceivable but unlikely. Unless, that is, you spend a significant amount of time in an unventilated space with some serious smokers.  Surely Gordon’s cohort would never...

Anyway, while Gordon’s career thus far has been marred by numerous policy violations, a closer evaluation of the facts and circumstances reveals that his conduct has been far from outrageous.  Gordon entered the league as a “stage one” because of collegiate level issues. He was elevated to “stage two” only as the result of a cough syrup mishap, prescribed for strep throat. His elevation to “stage three,” as noted above, results from a minuscule level of THC, comparatively. In all, the guy’s conduct whilst in the NFL has been, in all respects, forgivable.   Any more mishaps, however, could result in his being banned from the league for life. In light of his actual conduct, such a result would be inequitable, to say the least. Let’s hope that Gordon has it in him to buckle down and steer clear of ANYTHING that would rob football fans of his great talent. Go Browns!