Tiger Woods’ Former Caddie Joins Lawsuit

Posted on March 17th, 2015 by sutteroconnell

Steve Williams, the former caddie of Tiger Woods, has joined the class of caddies that are suing the PGA Tour over being required to wear caddie bibs without any compensation.  On March 16, 2015, the lawyers representing the caddies amended the class action complaint to include 167 caddies.  The original compliant included 80 caddies.  Williams’ aversion to wearing the caddy bib is well documented.  While he caddied for Tiger Woods, Williams often removed his caddy bib immediately after the last putt was holed on the eighteenth green, before shaking hands with the other players and caddies in the group.

According to Williams, he was previously fined by the PGA Tour on at least seven occasions in one season for taking his bib off while he was on the eighteenth green of a tournament.  He told GolfChannel.com: “The caddies are not employed by the Tour, they are employed by the golfer and there is no compensation from the Tour to the caddies but the Tour gets compensated for the caddies wearing the bibs.  They treat the caddies like second-class citizens.”

Earlier this month the PGA Tour filed a motion for change of venue, from the Northern District of California to the Middle District of Florida.  The PGA Tour headquarters is in Ponte Vedra, Florida.  The PGA Tour refuses to comment on ongoing litigation.