Sutter O’Connell Attorneys Participate in “Holy War”

Posted on March 28th, 2017 by Robert E. CahillRobert E. Cahill

The rivalry between St. Edward and St. Ignatius High Schools plays out in the classroom, on the field, and more recently in pro bono legal work. Best Lawyers’ recent article entitled “A ‘Holy War’ Harnessed to Benefit the Marginalized” describes the most recent addition to this rivalry:

It’s known simply as the Holy War. Over the years, there have been 54 installments of this annual gridiron battle for supremacy between two proud and prominent Catholic high schools located just five miles apart on Cleveland’s west side. If it began as a football game, it’s long since grown into a metaphor for the larger competition between St. Ignatius and St. Edward High Schools. More recently that competition has carried over into the halls of the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cleveland where alumni of both schools are waging a spirited but friendly pro bono competition to help the less fortunate with basic legal needs by volunteering their time to staff brief advice clinics.

Sutter O’Connell attorneys Matt Brady (St. Ignatius ’79) and Rob Cahill (St. Edward ’93) regularly volunteer at the Legal Aid Society’s brief advice clinics and are glad to see the friendly rivalry between their alma maters growing to include service to those in need.