Rob Cahill’s Defense of Prosecutors Featured in Editorial

Posted on April 14th, 2020 by Matthew C. O’Connell

The Elyria (Ohio) Chronicle has been covering Rob Cahill’s defense of the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office in the Supreme Court of Ohio in response to a complaint for a writ of mandamus alleging that the Prosecutor did not investigate voter fraud that allegedly occurred in 2015.  Rob’s vigorous defense of the Prosecutor was featured in the Chronicle’s editorial, published on April 13, 2020:  “In legal filings last week, Robert Cahill, the lawyer representing [Prosecutor] Will and [Assistant Prosecutor] Innes, questioned…whether the Supreme Court could compel a criminal investigation in part because prosecutors enjoy wide discretion in deciding cases to pursue and take to trial.  Cahill also wrote that the sudden interest in pursuing the matter now was ‘nothing more than a political stunt’ designed to ‘garner free press coverage for [Relators’ counsel’s] campaign.  He’s right.”

The Chronicle’s article from April 10, 2020, describing Rob’s filings in the Supreme Court, can be found here.

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