Representing Globally Recognized Brands in Major Industries

Our clients include major manufacturers in automotive, energy, construction, household appliances, fashion products, railroads, aircraft, and machine tools, as well as leaders in insurance, energy, financial services, hospitality, and transportation.  We have learned that the best way to defend any case is to first learn everything we can about the product, process, accident, or facts to fully understand the how and why of any client’s problem we are asked to help solve.

Beyond being legal counselors, we become industry experts, immersing ourselves in our client’s businesses and delving into industry trends and dynamics, regulatory landscapes, business, and technical processes. We can go toe–to–toe with executives, product managers, decision makers.  We effectively confront and neutralize courtroom experts.  Preparing to present a case in a courtroom is our common goal, including the design and preparation of mock trials and juror research in partnership with nationally known experts.

We know that the best defense of any case begins with a thorough and knowledgeable investigation as soon as possible.   We work with genuine experts in order to gather facts and make objective assessments and design strategic recommendations to our clients in an informed and thorough manner.

Our firm has been privileged to represent some of the world’s best-known companies for many years.  We embrace the challenge of defending their products, processes, good name and reputation.