Paranoid Judge Gets Grieved

Posted on August 29th, 2014 by sutteroconnell

The ABA Journal is reporting that Florida Judge Linda D. Schoonover found herself the subject of an ethics complaint after she allegedly exhibited a pattern of “bizarre”,  “paranoid” and “inexplicable” behavior. The charges claim that she contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and represented that her office was bugged, that she was being unfairly assigned an exorbitant  caseload, and that unauthorized people were entering her chambers. Each of these claims proved false.


The Complaint further alleges that she has exhibited incompetence in multiple cases on her docket. The competency question arises from baseless rulings and undue delay. As a result, other judges have been forced to absorb an unfair proportion of the circuit’s caseload.


To read the ABA Journal article click hereFor a copy of the complaint click here.