OACTA’s 2017 Excellence in Advocacy Award to Honor Larry Sutter

Posted on September 26th, 2017 by Matthew C. O’Connell

The Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys announced today that it will present its 2017 Excellence in Advocacy Award to Lawrence A. Sutter III, posthumously.   Calling Larry “one of the most revered and accomplished defense lawyers in Ohio”, the award will recognize Larry’s lifetime of professional accomplishments.  The Excellence in Advocacy Award is presented annually and honors a lawyer “who has distinguished him or herself over a number of years by the recipient’s professionalism, intelligence, creativity, judgment, personality, sensitivity, civility, advocacy skills, community involvement, efforts to educate newer attorneys, and effective representation of clients both in and outside of the courtroom.”

The Excellence in Advocacy Award will  be presented during the OACTA Awards Luncheon in Cleveland on November 16, 2017.   Our firm is honored and grateful that OACTA has chosen to recognize Larry Sutter for his contributions to the legal profession, his reputation as a trial lawyer, and as a teacher of new lawyers.