Fearless Representation: Anytime – Anywhere

It’s more than a clever slogan – it’s a conviction instilled in our culture; a mentality forged by our founders and ingrained in our firm’s DNA. It guides everything we do as a firm and as professionals and informs how we find, bring in and develop talent.

It’s a promise to our clients and to each other: that no matter the challenge, we will be prepared, develop the most thorough, innovative and efficient defense possible, try the case if necessary, and fight to the end to deliver the best outcome.

We deliver on our promise by defending our clients with courage and confidence. Whether we get the call at the beginning of a case or on the eve of trial, we don’t think twice about saying yes. If we can do it, we will do it.  When we take on a case, the whole firm goes all in. We bring every ounce of experience and brainpower, and every tool at our disposal, to resolve the case favorably for our clients.  We’ve mastered the rules both of law and the courtroom – by embracing a culture of continuous learning, training, and preparing. We plan every case clearly and methodically and execute decisively.

In the negotiating room and the courtroom, we fight fiercely and strategically, with experience, intelligence, and ingenuity. No matter how strong the opposition is, we won’t back down from a fight and we’ll fight to the end for the best outcome for our clients.