Facebook Posts Lead to Disciplinary Charges

Posted on September 3rd, 2014 by sutteroconnell

The Brainerd Dispatch is reporting that two Clay County Minnesota  assistant prosecutors are learning the hard way that social media tirades can get you crosswise with the Board of Ethics. After a July sexual assault trial ended in a not guilty verdict, Pamela Harris posted comments on Facebook degrading the jury and their decision. She announced that she had spent a week with “12 idiots”. Her trial partner Jenny Samarza joined the fray by posting less than complimentary views on the county population and ended with “Wake up people!”

The complaint appears to have been filed by the two women’s supervisor, Clay County Attorney Brian Melton. Melton learned of the posts, ordered them taken down, and issued an apology to the people of Clay County and the jury. Melton reportedly felt that the postings were a violation of the public’s trust and felt compelled to notify Disciplinary counsel.

This serves as a good reminder to keep social media “social”. The electronic world we live in unfortunately provides easy access forums that all of us could find dangerous, damaging and damning to our careers.

For the complete Brainerd Dispatch article click here.