6th Circuit Affirms Coach’s Judgment

Posted on June 1st, 2013 by sutter-admin

On Friday, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment received by Coach against Frederick Goodfellow and the 3rd Street Flea Market in Memphis, Tennessee. Goodfellow owned and operated the flea market where vendors were selling counterfeit Coach products. Coach filed suit, and the district court determined Goodfellow was contributorily liable for the infringement of numerous Coach trademarks.

The federal jury in Memphis found Goodfellow was willful in his actions and awarded Coach over $5 million in damages. Goodfellow appealed the verdict to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. By affirming the district court’s judgment, the 6th Circuit made clear that flea market owners can be contributorily liable for vendors selling counterfeit goods.

Sutter O’Connell attorneys Britt Phillips and Matt O’Connell represented Coach at trial and on appeal.

Here is an article from Business Insurance discussing the lawsuit and appeal.